Epiphany Properties

What is it that you currently presume about the world of real estate
and/or the world of investment that could be holding you back?

This company offers many opportunities to enlighten you as to possibilities that could lead you to a
’Financial Epiphany’

Let us share with you aspects of our training, personal experience and contact base that can contribute to your personalized success path.



Enlightenment - Epiphany Properties

 Self Guided Inquiry
 Help in the form of Mentorship
 Interactive opportunities to learn
 Networking opportunities that lead to greater  learning
 Educational Workshop series


Possibilities - Epiphany Properties

Bridge financing opportunites for high yield short term investing
Rental Units available
Investment/income Generating opportunites
Group Venture real estate acquisition
Home acquisition assistance
Time renumeration, put your spare time to work for you and for us!


We offer the Connections, Direction, and Instruction
needed to lead others to their financial “Epiphany” and Beyond!


Paul and Cathy Dawson
Epiphany Properties
Telephone: (519) 442-9369
Fax: (519) 442-1909
Toll-free: (866) 516-0996
Email: info@epiphanyproperties.com



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